Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Few for All

Thought I'd re-post this for the men and women and their families who because of their sacrifices we are free to launch Summertime with barbeque, beach and beer. As you share a slice of the American dream this weekend remember that we are forever in their debt.
For all we take for granted,
for all we’ll never know,
for the promise in our parent’s smiles,
and the price paid to keep it so.

For the men once boys, and grown women,
who answer the call and know not when,
their hopes and schemes and lifelong dreams,
might be put on hold with a solemn, 'til then.

For the courageous few, who in our midst,
know this world as it truly is;
that life is not just the here and now,
fond farewells, fist bumps and whoops and wow;
but that life is all these fleeting things and more;
fragile at best, worth preserving; hence the chore. 

For those who lost their lives in service,
alas, each has won the war of wars,
by giving us all on familiar shores, 
through struggle, strife and immeasurable sorrows, 
a promise fulfilled of more blessed tomorrows.

For the stalwart soldiers, ambassadors of peace,
your actions prove to all the prayers we keep,
of a world where wars need not be fought,
of a world where loved ones need not weep,
these are more than ideals from a gifted state,
but are vows that make our country great.
-S.E. Toon