The Pitch

PIRATES of Lobster Cove

“It was in the summer of my fourteenth year when I first rubbed elbows with legend.”

So begins the tale of Tyler Byrne who comes face to face with a man named Billybones who may be a pirate. But how can that be, today, in the here and now? Aided by his reluctant friends Ty makes it his mission to reveal the truth behind the stranger, and in so doing, save his seaside town. His faithful compatriots The Cyrkle consists of; Gatto Gambino, Ty’s lion-hearted sidekick, Sandy Collins, a beautiful blonde bookworm too mature for her years, and Bess Duvall, a fearless skateboarding tomboy.

Posing as the pirate’s lackey Ty discovers The Manifest & Captain’s Log, an ancient tome that, when altered, changes history and our memories of it. Ty doodles in it and the pirate’s dead eye clears. The Cyrkle alter the text again and the pirate’s bum leg is longer lame but something else has changed as well,he is no longer the jovial, tale-telling man they first met. By changing the Manifest, and in turn history, they accidentally killed off the pirate’s brother. They swear off altering the book but Ty’s older brother, Ryan Byrne, has other plans. Once his brother alters the book beyond repair a horde of undead pirates called Mooncussers are unleashed along with their leader, LeBouche, who hungers for revenge, mortality, and of course, booty.

Trusting their loyalty to one another The Cyrkle embrace their destiny. In a questionable alliance with the supposed pirate, they combat a scourge of grotesques led by LeBouche and Ty’s own brother to save Lobster Cove and the very existence of the world as they remember it.

Pirates is a tale of ordinary children discovering the extraordinary behind every corner and within themselves. It combines a classic hero story structure laced with the paranormal. The Cyrkle battle pre-teen angst and romantic innocence as much as they do a cast of original nasties. It is meant as first in a series but functions well as a stand-alone novel.
This summer, pirates are the new vampires!

TIKIS of Lobster Cove

"I would’ve told him where the real monsters lurked  if he wasn’t being such a beast himself."

And so begins the tale told by Bess Duvall, a fifteen year old tom boy who returns to the town she helped save the year before to discover that your first crush can hurt you more than the undead aberrations she helped vanquish, especially when the target of your affections is a way-too-old surf instructor, affectionately called The Big Kahuna.

She is aided by her reluctant but faithful friends, The Cyrkle; her boy friend, not boyfriend Anthony “Gatto” Gambino who cares more for her than she does for herself, Bess’ BFF Sandy Collins, the beautiful blonde bookworm and who helps Bess get in touch with her feminine mystique all the while questioning her friends growing obsession with an adult, and Tyler Byrne, a boy too obsessed with the memory of the year before and the beauty in the sea that refuses to call his name.

On top of all their personal drama and paranormal entanglements children are missing in the seaside town of Lobster Cove. The Cyrkle gets drawn into the vortex of ethereal messengers, mythic monsters and the promise of Polynesian paradise as they discover what is real, imagined and deathless before one by one the future of the town is consumed by the insatiable hunger of evil.

“Sirens, Selkies and Killer Surf, it’s just another summer on Lobster Cove.”