Story Circle

It is part improvisation, part story-time, part an elaborate hoax devised by a lazy children's author to steal creative ideas from the fertile minds of gullible children. The nefarious author weaves stories based on the contributions of the young ones attending said events. Suddenly there is a story where there once was none; in a word... magic. This opens up children to their creative side, enforces positive social skills through participation and gives them a sense of pride in their accomplishments when the final tale is read and they can all say, "I helped make that!"

S. E. Toon is the said author of dubious intent who through this story-weaving exercise prepares children for the harsh realities of life by "borrowing" their dreams and visions for personal profit and, dare we say it, fame. As this infamous charlatan has been overheard muttering, "Sometimes your the bear, sometimes you're the salmon in paw, and sometimes a burnt-out creative robs you of your genius. Live with it."

After what we consider a disclaimer you still feel inclined to book a Story Circle with the author in question, please send your inquiries to

You have been warned.

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