Thursday, May 19, 2011


Up until 72 hours ago I defined myself as a bookseller and a writer. My bookstore, Borders of Braintree has closed and I am preparing for the next chapter in my life.

When it was announced that we were closing our doors, awarding-winning author, and I'm glad to call friend, Hank Phillippe Ryan asked me to chronicle the experience of being a bookseller in a closing store. As an investigative journalist as well as a mystery writer, she smelt a story there.

The result was Closing Chapters, reflections on my time as a bookseller. Hank published the first on the mystery writer's website, FemmeFatales, and the second installment on, Thank both you and the other generous authors who comprise these sights for the platform.

After reading the second chapter Hank told me to start my own blog. Here it is, I am nothing if not obedient. I will start by posting Closing Chapters one day at a time so they are archived for whomever may choose to read. If you like what you read, please share the link with like minds, get the word out, Stacey's in the tubes somewhere trying to get her voice heard.

Future postings will be an archive of my editorials from Cheeseball Magazine, a magazine with a 30,000 print run and 14 issues to its credit. I swear it was created just so I could post those Stacey Says articles.

The queries for Pirates and Big Kahuna, the first two installments of the Tales of Lobster Cove YA series of novels will be forthcoming as well as sample chapters for interested readers, agents and the like.


P.S.- Did I mention that as of this post I am unemployed AND seeking an agent? Interested? Throw me a bone, the hut you could save will be my own!

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