Sunday, June 5, 2011

50 words

A picture paints a thousand words, a thousand poorly chosen words.

I am a member of 196southshorewriters, and that feeds part of the writer in me, but I am in need of a group that specializes in what I write to share work with as well. I looked into Cape Cod Children's Writers. Although I write primarily Young Adult fiction I thought they still might be kindred spirits.

FYI: They have an event I would like to promote:
One-Day Writer's Workshop on Sat. July 23rd in Sandwich, MA.
Get the deadline and cost at

While sizing up the group I came across an exercise for the writer's group to participate in and, like I have nothing better to do being unemployed, cranking out a novel and reviewing teen literature, thought I would take a stab at it. I have to believe the constraints were intended for young children's stories as opposed to young adults for there was a 50 word limit. Tell a tale in 50 words? It took more than 50 words for Tom Kitten to learn his lesson. What to do?

The topic was My Backyard. I looked at the essential words to be included:

Now I am the former college student who received A/Fs on my work until I resubmitted the work with hefty corrections. Typos, like life, happens, but that was all I needed for inspiration.

The letter awaited hungry eyes.

Barbeque was at six, the clock, ticking. 

“Take a moment… read.”

Sunshine congealed the marshmallows into gelatinous ooze.

Sticky hands tore open the envelope.

‘Application declined,’ handwritten beneath, ‘We don’t award scholorships.’

Adding Graham Crackers, chocolate, a drizzle of honey: dessert.

“What is this!?” 


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  1. That's really good. You should submit it to literary magazines that buy flash fiction.