Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Colour My Worlds

I just finished a series of creative writing workshops I presented for Dance Dimension, a school specializing in dance and theater. The oldest group were tweeners (10-14 yrs.) During the first session I told them about the different elements that comprise a story and the magic of brainstorming/clustering techniques that prompt the right hemisphere of the brain. At the conclusion of the Thursday session I proclaimed that when we met again on Monda I would create a short story based on all the diverse elements we had pulled from their fertile melons. Kiss that weekend goodbye! I took the task to heart and was still editing at 7AM on Monday.

 72 hours had past. Driving to class Monday morning there is a news reports of a juvenile who threatened to blow up her school on Facebook from the very town where I was going to present this story. Read on and think how well the previous exercises tapped into the psyche of the age group.
A thank you to all the participants. This story would not exist without you!

The result was 
a fable by
S.E. Toon

This short story will soon be published by the online literary publication,
The Write Place At the Write Time
in the Spring of 2013
We will provide details at that time.

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